From simple single units and pre-made prosthetics to advanced surgeries, CCC Lab’s expert planning team can help take your practice to the next level.  Through the use of coDiagnostiX™ and 3D-printing, our technicians work in parallel to fabricate patient-specific surgical guides.
Comprehensive visualization and real prosthetic-driven implant planning enables users to achieve predictable results in advanced surgical applications. Direct import of prosthetic designs from DWOS CAD software into coDiagnostiX™ allows for the integration of preoperative and prosthetic situations and marks a new era in prosthetic-driven implant planning.
The export of preoperative planning data from coDiagnostiX™ into DWOS CAD allows for the design and fabrication of preoperative provisional restorations. With timely and easy access to immediate provisional restorations clinicians can significantly improve the quality of life for patients and help to foster patient satisfaction during treatment.